Square 1 Tile Solutions is a family business, but one that doesn’t stop at ownership. We are proud to have multiple families working with us. Fathers alongside their sons. Mothers alongside their daughters. There are some who have worked for Square 1 over 20 years, dedicated individuals bringing with them a wealth of expertise. We have also welcomed a number of promising new hires. People who share our company values and beliefs in a progressive environment that supports equal opportunity.

We really believe in fair trade to the customer and installer and step in between to ensure both parties receive the very best application and finish results to last a lifetime -hold and increased value of property.

We are a support team for customers and installers who are seeking quality craftsmanship results. We maintain a standard, comprised of ttmac practices and manufactures warranted guidelines.

We have become artists with a meticulous attention to detail. We have become scientists pioneering advancements within our trade. The collaboration between our staff will ensure that the owners vision is forever brought to life … no matter how demanding the requirements of an installation might be.

  • new homes
  • stream rooms
  • shower and tub surrounds
  • waterproofing
  • concrete repair/sloping
  • renovations
  • stone restoration
  • bathroom refresh
  • site management
  • quality control
  • self leveler
  • ledge stone & culture stone, re pointing joints
  • insurance claims
  • inspections
  • project analysis
  • proficient in field management

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